Kapanui School - Mārānga ā Whiti - Rise and Shine


VISION   - Rise and Shine – Maranga a Whiti

Learning Journeys - Our Passion!

For all our students to rise to the challenge of learning and shine brightly everyday during their learning journey at Kapanui School.

We want -
To develop young people who will be confident, connected, actively involved, lifelong learners.
'Students who actively seek, use, and create knowledge'

In partnership with parents we are committed to providing a caring and safe school that promotes each child’s academic, social and emotional development within a high quality learning and teaching community

At Kapanui School we want our children to develop the skills of higher order thinking, creative and critical thinking.  We want them to develop the skill of asking questions that develop and stretch their intellect. We want to provide our children with the skills, intellectual habits, attitudes and powerful experiences that lead to life long learning.  We want our children to have the information and tools to recognize how best they learn and acquire knowledge.

Our aim is to assist our children develop a toolbox of lifelong intellectual habits and skills that will help them become thoughtful, productive citizens in an ever-changing world.
Within this positive educational environment, we will encourage the development of honest, responsible citizens with positive self-images, who respect the beliefs, thoughts, and rights of others.  Individuals who take risks to become self-directed learners, creative thinkers, cooperative workers, and community contributors will characterize our success.

Our Curriculum
Our school follows the guidelines of the New Zealand National Curriculum and as a primary school has a special emphasis on the areas of literacy and numeracy or what we term the “Foundation Skills”

Our literacy programmes set out to ensure that each of our students is able to read, write, speak, listen, spell, view and present for success. In general, successful reading for students means comprehending in print most of what they are expected to comprehend when listening to spoken language.  Successful writing means expressing in print most of what they are able to express when speaking.

These skills are vital in every learner's development as they mature and grow. Attainment in these areas is monitored very closely, is shared with the learner and is reported to parents at regular intervals. The school also provides a range of intervention programmes, to assist those children that are experiencing difficulties in these areas.

The school's numeracy and mathematics programme is about acquiring mathematical knowledge and understandings plus teaching our students to strategize with the number knowledge they have gained. We cover the areas of number, algebra, geometry, measurement and statistics.

It is important that students can see and make sense of the many connections within and across these areas.

We value the ability to think in a mathematical way to solve problems that have a real context.

The  areas of science, social studies, technology and health have been combined into our inquiry and thinking curriculum.

These areas are presented to the students as areas of inquiry, where the students are taught to use their ability to question, reflect, research, comprehend and synthesize. In this part of the curriculum, we believe that the learning needs to relevant, authentic and purposeful and result in a "how has this learning made a difference to me" type of conclusion. It is a highly exciting and motivating part of our school programme.

We also build into our learning programmes, aspects of Art, Music, Dance, Drama and te reo Maori. These areas, together with regular physical education, sport and outdoor education sessions ensure a well-rounded approach to education.  We also acknowledge the added value that these areas make to developing intellect.
The school also has a strong values programme, integrated into everything that we do. The school has selected several Kapanui  Key Values, which we have set on a “Values Compass”.  This values compass helps students choose the right direction on their learning journey.  These key values and other associated values and virtues are discussed, demonstrated and acted upon in a proactive way.

We believe our school motto “Rise and Shine” encapsulates the ideas of growing, learning and achieving.

Imagine a school in which everyone can rise and shine. A school with a range of coaching and teaching programmes, events and services tailored to help individuals shine brighter and rise higher. That is what Kapanui School in partnership, with parents, staff, Ministry of Education and community seeks to achieve.

We expect our graduates not just to be good students, but good people, children who will become adults who will be productive and positive citizens.
To achieve this vision we focus on 5 key teaching beliefs-
Kapanui School –

1. That Foundation Skills provide the basis for life long leaning
2. That we need to develop students as Curious Explorers and Self Regulated Learners
3. That Teachers are Learning Guides and coaches helping students strive for personal  excellence on their learning journey
4. That the provision of Powerful Learning Experiences leads to quality learning
5. That our learning environments should be safe, supportive, inclusive, Quality classrooms

To deliver this we need to be a TEAM with staff, parents and the community(Together Everyone Achieves More) working together.    

For the full Kapanui Charter see supporting documents